Indigo Shutdown Notice: 30 June, 2018

Indigo Systems IS205 long range node

Our flagship product, the core of any Indigo mesh network is the IS205 long range node. These nodes can be placed anywhere you need an environmental measurement or control point. Simply attach the sensors or controllers and the network will automatically configure itself and begin transmitting. Effortless!

The IS205 long range node has the following features:

  • delivers you the data you need, securely and in real time
  • additional nodes and sensors can be added or subtracted whenever required
  • each node supports at least 8 sensors
  • automatic network configuration - no manual setup
  • transmission range up to 2km with line-of-sight to a neighboring transmitter
  • one year operation on a single battery charge
  • uses publically available, free bandwidth - zero transmission cost
  • extreme weather resistance

The nodes come complete with universal mounting hardware to suit a large range of post shapes and materials. Power options include rechargable battery pack or solar panel, available separately.

IS205 Radio

Hardware controllers

Indigo Systems provides a range of custom controllers for remotely activating many types of control systems - remote solenoids, pumps or other systems. Make use of the valuable environmental data you are collecting and get it working for you.

Typical applications for Indigo sense-and-control networks include:

  • Irrigation control: Monitor soil moisture and calculate ET from on-site weather data while enabling a web-based radio irrigation scheduling system. Save time and water!
  • Frost protection: Monitor air temperature and humidity in multiple locations to accurately warn of approaching frost fronts or frost conditions. Remotely activate wind or water frost protection systems
  • Commercial automation: Many building and services automation tasks, e.g. HVAC, are highly suitable and economic using Indigo networks

Indigo takes the reliability of your system very seriously. In mission-critical applications we commonly operate secondary monitoring devices to confirm that the systems you want controlled are actually behaving like they ought to be.

IS205 Radio and solenoid control


Indigo Systems can supply a wide range of sensors for gathering any type of environmental data you are interested in. Up to eight sensors can be attached to a single node. Standard sensors we commonly supply include:

  • air and soil temperature
  • soil moisture (varying types)
  • humidity
  • rain
  • leaf wetness
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • pressure and flow rate

It is straightforward for us to add almost any sensor of your choice to our nodes. Please contact us to find out how we can help you satisfy your sensing requirements.


Indigo Systems has extensive experience in the field of environmental monitoring. If you have a specific application in mind, Indigo can provide you with the right advice and recommendations for the most cost-effective solution.

It is likely that we can provide a turnkey monitoring and control system that will interface seamlessly with your existing equipment. Feel free to drop us a line anytime for advice on your environmental monitoring application.