Indigo Shutdown Notice: 30 June, 2018

About Indigo Systems

Indigo Systems was founded in 2004 by Dr David Rankin, a specialist in wireless communications. David was particularly keen to overcome the key constraints to more widespread monitoring of large environmental spaces, particularly cost, battery life and ease of setup.


Indigo Systems wanted a low cost system, where any type of environmental sensor could be plugged into a wireless transmitter and everything would configure itself.

To be truly useful, Indigo identified the important features of such a system:

  • additional sensors and transmission points could be added or subtracted at will
  • automatic network configuration - no manual setup
  • one year operation on a single battery charge
  • free bandwidth
  • extreme weather resistance
  • transmission range up to two kilometers with line-of-sight to a neighboring transmitter


It was a big ask. Indigo found that no existing system was available that would meet all the needs of customers interested in environmental monitoring. So Indigo developed the IS205 long range node, an industry-first wireless transmitter designed specifically for environmental monitoring applications.

The IS205 is at the heart of any Indigo monitoring network and we are constantly adding to the range of useful add-ons to make your environmental monitoring task easier; such as:

  • standard sensor interfaces
  • controllers for your environmental hardware
  • data logging and visualization software
  • special-purpose sensors
  • turnkey systems
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